Contact Centre Partners

Over the years the team at The Contact Centre Panel have had the privilege of working with a broad range of experts in the field of telemarketing, call / contact centres.

Expertise within our network of partners includes:

  • operational management
  • compliance and quality management
  • resource planning
  • optimising multi-channel
  • call centre technology
  • sales training
  • contact centre implementation
  • account management

We would be more than happy to talk, to point you in the right direction and help you select the right partner. 

The Partners

Mitch Wilkinson

Operational delivery of B2B energy sales, operations and process management.

Mike Bennett

Delivery and performance management and call centre set up.

Stephen Jacobs

Helping clients manage or improve their contact centre operations.

Matt Litherland

Helping clients manage or improve their contact centre operations.

Steve West

Optimising returns via an omni-channel contact strategy.

Rob O'Malley

Expertise in the 3 key areas within the contact centre industry.

Nerys Corfield

Helping account managers take responsibility for the retention, profitability and growth. 

John Robinson

Helping clients optimise the B2C / B2B outbound sales channel.

Gary Kinsella

Helping deliver optimum performance through tactical and strategic initiatives.

Ed Alcock

Resourcing Capacity and Reporting Manager.

Anne Bagnall

Helping employers organise and deliver sales training. 

Robert Scott Moncrief

Growth and exit planning and executive search.

Liam Smith

Experienced in Consumer and Business Customer contact.

DAvid Baxter

Contact Centre Operational Performance, Customer Journey and Continuous Improvement.

Steve Sullivan

Helping you make sense of the omni-channel world.

DAvID Daly

Specialist in contact centre outsourcing procurement, contracting and management.

Darren Laskier

Soft skills, customer service, sales, retention and first line manager training.

Russel James

Design and implementation of marketing campaigns through voice channel, particularly outbound, global, high-value and high-quality B2B.