The Contact Centre Panel consists of over 30 outsourcers specialising in a range of disciplines.

The panel has been chosen with a simple aim - to find the right partners to deliver the client’s objectives, and to ensure an effective and sustained partnership. 

The matching process is delivered by a range of experts and associates, with the ability to help businesses of every size - from those seeking a multi agent consumer sales or service solution, to a relatively small appointment generation campaign where data volume is limited.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Areas of expertise include:

  • business to business
  • business to consumer
  • sales (consumer / business)
  • appointment generation
  • customer service
  • off shore / on shore
  • market research
  • multi-channel
  • response handling (dedicated / bureau)

we can also support the following client requirements:

  • commercial solutions
  • size of client’s opportunity
  • technological requirements
  • vertical market expertise
  • multi- channel or just voice
  • geographical location of the outsourcer
  • compliance / quality requirements
  • authorisations – FCA, ISO9001, ISO27001. IIP, DMA Membership.